We have fantastic Venezuela cocoa beans for all producers, Chocolate producers, cocoa drinks, pastries, etc

* One of the icons and jewels in the crown of Venezuelan gastronomy is the cocoa, known to be the best in the world. Talking about Venezuela is talking about our unbeatable cocoa. It used to be shipped, turned into a beverage, and used as an offering and a currency by the first settlers, who called it “the money that grows on trees”

* At this moment we are offering Rio Caribe and Carenero origins from Venezuela

Rio Caribe: Can offer 200 MT of these per month.

Intense, complex and richly varied. Dried fruits, plum, red berries, raisin and lightly tobacco.

Carenero: Can offer 200 MT of these per month.

Rich and dark with tannins and notes of coffee, coconut, cherry, leather and tobacco this cacao sits apart from many others.