Fresh Fruits

We have selection of seasonal fresh fruits like

– Apples
– Orange
– Lemon
– Lime
– Kiwi
– Grapes
– Piel de sapo’ melon
– Watermelon
– Plum
– Pear
– Strawberry
– Cherry

and many more types of fruits from all over the world

South American lime
We have fresh organic lime directly from farmers for our organic business groups

These fruits are larger in size and have longer shelf life than regular standard limes, specially since the peel of these lemons produced in the mountains of Colombia are thicker thus preserving their shelf life. Their size is medium, the pulp is green-yellow, and it does not have seeds. The peel has a green color, from dark to light tones.The average weight of the fruit is 76 gr.

  • Size: Calibers 63,54,48,42 & 36.
  • Grade: Premium Grade AAA
  • Weight per unit: From 65 to 120 grams.
  • Origin: COLOMBIA
  • Availability: Year round 6 containers per month.
  • Packaging: Every market has it´s preferences. In the case of the USA, the fruit goes into boxes of 14-18Kg. And for Europe it is packed into boxes of 4-5Kg. We are flexible to adjust to clients requests. ** Customer specification packing is also available (OEM).
  • Minimum order: 12.000 Kilograms. Full 20 feet container.
It is now a barman’s favorite ingredient for cocktails and long drinks (mojito, caipirinha), especially in the summer months.
It is also used to spice up numerous meat and fish dishes. It has numerous beneficial properties, especially when fresh, and offers vital vitamins (vitamin C) and high levels of mineral salts (Magnesium and Potassium).