We have selections of rices directly from our Farmers/producers
We can provide to all types of businesses in Uk and international

1- Long-white rice: £/€/$/ton
2- Long grain rice 15%: £/€/$/ton
3- Long grain rice 25%: £/€/$/ton
4- Rice 100% broken: £/€/$/ton
5- Jasmine rice: £/€/$/ton
6- Homali rice: £/€/$/ton
7- Camolino rice: £/€/$/ton
8- Calrose rice: £/€/$/ton
9- Japonica rice: £/€/$/ton
10- Parboiled rice: £/€/$/ton
11- Red Rice: £/€/$/ton
12- Black Rice: £/€/$/ton
13- Glutious Rice: £/€/$/ton

Please feel free to contact us for your business orders