Handmade production of old recipes passed down through generations since Middle Ages.

The company was born in Guarcino, a small Italian village near Rome, and in its artisan laboratory, it is produced a wide range of typical sweets and confectionery closely linked to our territory.

Its founder has always been driven by the desire to make known abroad the delicacy of the artisan confectionery tradition of Ciociaria (the region where he was born). This is what led him to collaborate with IBNTS, a company that has always focused on niche products with a high-quality value.

Ours is not an industrial production, our products are handmade in detail by our pastry artisans!

The expert hands of our pastry chefs at work

What your customers will love about us:

  • the palate-filling flavour of tradition and the genuine taste of handmade production
  • recipes handed down from mother to daughter from decades.
  • a wide range of typical sweets that knows how to stand out from the crowd.
  • carefully-selected genuine ingredients
  • NO chemical flavour enhancers
  • NO preservatives
  • NO colourants
  • Gluten-Free variants in our range

Our products are a perfect choice if you are:

  • a professional who works with small retailers always looking for something innovative and niche
  • a professional of the Ho.Re.Ca. channel who wants to offer his customers something unique and traditional.
  • a luxury retailer looking for gourmet products with an Italian beating heart.

Our flagship products


These sweets made from sweet and bitter almonds, typical of the Ciociaria tradition, are characterized by a crunchy crust and a soft heart and have a story to tell.

Legend has it that the recipe was given to a woman from Guarcino by an old friar, as a sign of gratitude to the one who, after miles and miles of walking, offered him refreshment.

Since then, the recipe has been handed down from mother to daughter and we still offer it hand-made with the same genuine traditional ingredients.

The Amaretto di Guarcino is available in the following variants:

  • Classic (Gluten-free option available)
  • Coffee-flavored (Gluten-free option available)
  • Lemon-flavored (Gluten-free option available)


These treats are literally called “ugly but good”. So-called because they are not aesthetically wonderful, but totally satisfying to the taste.
They are sweets made from a mix of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts) and fresh eggs.
These treats with a crunchy armor and a tender heart are available in the variations:

  • Classic (Gluten-free option available)
  • Hezelnut only (Gluten-free option available)
  • Cocoa


The Pasticcetto, a delicious biscuit of delicate shortcrust whose crispness will satisfy the palate on any occasion, is one of the pillars of the Ciociara confectionery tradition. Born as a direct companion of the Amaretti, since then it accompanies the snacks of young and old in our country … and not only!


Our tarts are handmade following a traditional village recipe, passed from generation to generation. Our shortcrust pastry is delicate and crumbly thanks to the perfect balance of ingredients that the Ciociara tradition has handed down to us.

The tarts are available in delicious variations:

  • plum jam
  • apricot jam
  • sour cherry jam


Tozzetto is certainly a well-known dessert, but our village tradition has personalized the dough, making it more crumbly and delicate. Hazelnut gives them a distinctive flavor that makes them absolutely irresistible!

  • Classic
  • with chocolate chips


Ciambelline is wine-flavored sweet, donut-shaped, and baked in the oven. They are characterized by a fragrant and crumbly consistency and by a caramelized surface. They are typical of the poor Roman peasant cuisine.

They are perfect sweets not only to be enjoyed as a snack but also dipped in a glass of wine (or liqueur) at the end of a meal.

Available in two variants:

  • with anise and white wine
  • with red wine


The Intigni – in dialect literally “dunked biscuits” – is a dry buiscuit in which red wine goes hand in hand with hazelnuts and brown sugar grains, giving a delicate and tasty result, perfect for an after-meal or a special snack.

Packaging’s options can be offer:

  • plastic bag of 300 gr with cardboard label
  • 1 kg cardboard box with wrapped single portions inside (perfect for bars and restaurants)
  • we are available to evaluate customized packages