Our Organic and Traditional and natural products directly from producers in different countries with best quality.

What we do and our products:
IBNTS supplies big range of different beverages products and  food products in both Organic and traditional and also non-food products.

We provide exceptional tasting:

  • Italian Coffee
  • Italian geleto / Ice creams
  • Italian Sparkling Wines
  • Italian Red wines selections
  • Italian White wines selections
  • Italian Rose
  • Italian Beers selections
  • Italian liquors selections
  • Italian Gin
  • Italian brandy
  • Italian Original Dried pasta & fresh pasta
  • Italian hard cheese
  • Italian soft cheese
  • Italian butter
  • Italian Olive oil
  • Italian salami
  • Italian finest Balsamic vinegar’s
  • Italian Biscuits & Cookies
  • Italian Chocolates
  • Italian season fruits
  • Italian season vegetables
  • Italian frozen foods
  • French Cognac
  • French Cognac cocktails
  • French Cognac spray foods
  • French brandy
  • Franch wines Sparkling,
  • French Red wines
  • French White wines
  • French Rose wines
  • French Champagne
  • French Natural honey
  • French frozen Deseret
  • French cheese
  • French coffee
  • French meets products
  • English coffee
  • English Tea
  • English beer
  • English susages
  • English cheese
  • English soft drinks
  • Spanish coffee
  • Spanish salami
  • Spanish cheese
  • Spanish Olive oil
  • Spanish Sparkling wines,
  • Spanish Red wines,
  • Spanish White wines,
  • Spanish Rose wines
  • Spanish fresh fruits
  • Spanish fresh vegetables
  • Spanish liquors
  • Spanish honey
  • Greece Red wines, White wines, Rose wines
  • Greece olive oil
  • Greece natural tea
  • Greece Honey
  • Greece frozen foods
  • Greece sosegues and meets products
  • Greece cheese
  • Greece natural ocean salt
  • Portugal natural wiled chestnut Honey
  • Portugal frozen breeds and pastry
  • Irland frozen chickens
  • Irland breakfast dairy
  • German beers
  • German Soft drink
  • German Honey
  • Switzerland Marmalade
  • Switzerland hands made Biscuits and cookies
  • Switzerland local liquors
  • Switzerland herbs energy drink
  • Belgium chocolates
  • Belgium liquors
  • Belgium Honeys
  • Holland frozen desserts
  • Holland chocolates
  • Danish beers
  • Finlad frozen pastry
  • Austrian red wines
  • Austria White wines
  • South Korea beers
  • South Korea soft drinks
  • Ecuadorian chocolates Fine organic bars
  • Colombian cocoa beans and mass
  • Colombian fresh lim
  • Uruguay caw meets
  • International honey
  • Olives products from different countries
  • Sunflower oil from different countries

and many more foods & beverages products from our producers

  • Fresh Cocoa beans & cocoa mass from South America, IBNTS official represent of cocoa in whole European countries

Fresh peanuts from Africa

Our Cosmetics and body cares from

  • Switzerland Cosmetics and body care
  • French Cosmetics and body care

Our machinery’s

  1. Italian coffee machines for kind of needs
  • Machines for clean water
  • Machines for produce beers
  • Machines for produce wines
  • Machines for produce juice and other soft drinks

England: Our English products are the best from English brands

English Eary Grey Tea




France: Our French selection products are the best from France productions.

red wine 1




Italy: We have selection of the best Italian products from north to south


coffee beans




Greece: We have best selection quality products

A bottle of olive oil with two olives and spices on white background




Spain: Our Spanish selection is from the best side of Spain.

Germany: We have many good German products

Sweden: We bring Swedish quality

Switzerland: Best quality products from Switzerland

African and South American Fresh coffee beans and cocoa beans for all companies make there own productions to the market.