Our business is Your business

Because we work side by side as your business partner.

Why shop with us?

Because we are …………..

  2. We are first wholesale directly from producers.
  3. We have great value and high quality of products
  4. We make Personal Touch
  5. Make your team instantly recognizable to customers and clients, with our fantastic range of personaleisation options.
  6. We have a large network of producers
  7. Guarantees for quality products at the best prices.
  8. We endeavor to find the transport solution that best meets Your requirements.

Who are we and what makes us different?

IBNTS have Business Solutions in many different area

  • Import
  • Export
  • ONE STOP Wholesale
  • Business Consulting,
  • Marketings
  • Event management

IBNTS event management, International and world event management in different area and countries.

IBNTS is an international trading company that markets different ranges of products in a variety of categories as

  1. Organics foods
  2. Organics beverages
  3. Organics non foods
  4. Organic Cosmetics
  5. Traditional / Conventional beverage
  6. Traditional / Conventional foods
  7. Non foods products
  8. Cosmetics
  9. Machinery’s for beverages productions
  10. Coffee machines for all kinds of needs

Foods and Drinks selections
In our company IBNTS we have very high quality of products for

  1. Special shops and Premium shops
  2. International hotels groups,
  3. Restaurants,
  4. Retailers / supermarkets
  5. Airports lounge
  6. Convention and conferences
  7. Big cultural and arts & sports events
  8. Coffee shoppes
  9. Companies and business lounge
  10. University’s & Schools
  11. Airlines

Some of our non food products also fallow as shoes and cloth with related products

We undertake to purchase the products of the area directly, without intermediaries.
Our work provides us with a deep knowledge of the producer in market.
On Your behalf, we make all the supply and demand in Your requests we work with top quality products.
Our work consists in finding the best products for You.
We can negotiate with all the market players, from farmers to providers.

We have a thorough knowledge of the producer, which enables us to keep our finger on the pulse regarding the quantity and quality of production available for our clients.
This variety of producers enables us to obtain for our clients more and better possibilities at all time.

Values the base of our future perfect integration like:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Commitment
  3. Flexibility
  4. Efficiency
  5. Trust
  6. Innovation
  7. Team Work
  8. Loyalty

With many years of experience in the industry we are able to advise you on the most appropriate equipment and products for your needs.
Our Team:
Our team is on hand to help you every step of the way.
IBNTS has always had a strong focus on customer care provided by a dedicated workforce.

In order to achieve a consistently high profile of customer satisfaction you need a dedicated and passionate team who all work towards the same goal.
IBNTS are one of the pioneers of the corporate beverages industry, with many years of experience in market leading that project a strong brand image for clients and a focus on customer service excellence.

IBNTS introduces more new products into the market each time than any of its competitors.

We are looking forward hearing from you

International business trading solutions