CHiA BiRDS Organic Power Drink


The BIO-CHiA Seeds, like those from CHiA BiRDS, were so pure with nutrients, vitamins and other essential substances, that Inca, Maya and Aztec warriors received so much energy from them, that they often consumed “Pinole” and nothing else for days at a time – a drink, in which the CHiA seeds were soaked in water and refined with, if possible, a bit of lime juice. Not only did this godly drink give them sufficient strength, but also a whole list of other positive effects, most importantly from the omega-3 contained in CHiA seeds, which is a fountain of energy for the body, spirit and soul.

The essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants found in CHiA seeds, as well as the trace elements like potassium, phosphorous and calcium make CHiA a true superfood. The founder and brains behind CHiA BiRDS already ordered the seeds in 2010 from Amazon and began to play around with the wonder-seeds from Mexico, which were also called “The Gold of the Gods”: He soaked the seeds in water, mixed the thick substance with rolled oats, goji berries, honey, pressed the semi-liquid substance between two large wafers and put a whole baking sheet into the oven to harden the müsli bars. About 30 minutes later, he took out the baking sheet early, because he was so excited to taste his creation.

From that moment, thrilled about the effects of these little seeds, his thought process began of how to make this product available for the general public. After lots of reflection and creative brainstorming sessions, the conclusion was: CHiA BiRDS needs to be a drink that yanks people out of their daily stress and in a natural way, not only moves their soul, spirit and body, but also works as a small meal replacement for those wishing to lose weight, as CHiA BiRDS puts an end to hunger attacks.

CHiA seeds, rich with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, perform miracles for the soul, spirit and body: #puts you in a good mood (omega-3)

#power food for stressed-out people
#more plant-based protein than eggs (1.4 times)
#6 times more calcium than milk
#15 times more magnesium than broccoli
#7 times more vitamin C than lemons
#high antioxidant content
#promotes the ability to concentrate
#regulates blood pressure (protects against heart and cardiovascular diseases)
#fatty acids (omega 3) support a healthy cholesterol level

The aspiration of the brand CHiA BiRDS was and is to consistently fulfill as many nutritional dimensions and demands as possible. The principle idea was to create the healthiest and best drink that the world has ever seen.