Say hello to natural straw
Say goodbye to Plastic straw And to paper straw

We also save our environment the nature & lives

Enjoy our 100% compostable natural straws made of wheat.
Natural, healtyer, environmental friendly
best alternative to plastic straws.

Natural Straws for all kinds of soft drinks, cocktail

Our Straws are made of 100% natural materials.
Our cocktail straws and normal straws are made of 100% wheat.
Once harvested, we cut the grains into sustainable wheat straws.
The milkshake straws are made of 100% natural materials as well. That sips well!

Natural & Gluten free
Hand Selected wheat
100% compostable
Straw supports small farmers
Minimal processing
Eco packaging
FSC® paper

The straws suitable for any type of drink? yes
Tap water.
Sports drinks.
Or your Bloody Mary.
Stir them in whatever you want. A perfect sip guaranteed!

Our straw are for all types of businesses,
Foods chaine,
Take away foods,
Supermarkets / retailers
Coffee shops,
Night clubs,
For around United Kingdom and European countries and World looking for right option to go away from Plastic straw and Paper straw to give healthy option to their customers in everyday life,