Our business story has started from a family road trip. Most snacks we bought along the way were too high in calories, sweet or salty. 

Once we tried dried apples but they weren’t tasty. And we thought: what if they were cooked  better? It could be a perfect snack!

What if other parents and their children have the same problem – healthy but not very tasty snacks? Since taste is the main driver of the snack group, we were  focused on creating not only healthy but also tasty snacks. 

We started experiments with different varieties, recipes and temperature regimes. 

When children tried the chips for the first time they ate them all and asked for more. 

Kids were our first critics and helpers in taste testing, and they still remain our ardent  supporters.

Newton’s is a healthy snack, with a crunchy taste and nutritious fiber

Newton’s Apple Chips are produced in natural way of drying with a special technology. That’s why they are sooo crispy  with a pleasant caramel flavour.

Only selected apples and our unique technology. Air-tight packaging keeps the chips crispy. 

When it is good to snack Newton’s Apple Chips

  • using as single snack
  • mixing with other starters 
  • mixing on the cheese plate
  • to diversity the food catering take for the road
The packaging has modern branding and is airtight,
which keeps the chips crispy and tasty

The manufacturing company was established in 2017 and operates in Ukraine. Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of apple chips in Ukraine. The production is new and certified according to international standards: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 (TUV NORD CERT GmbH)