Moka J-Enne organic coffee


Made in Tuscany
Every Moka Jenne product bears the phrase “Made in Tuscany”, because Tuscany — when it comes to food — is synonymous with excellence. Among these products, the Crema S coffee blend is the most wide-spread: a blend with a rich and intense aroma, its recipe has constantly been perfected over its lifetime, extending over a century. This blend is perfect for shops which want to opt for a timeless classic. The wide range
of products also includes further blends, which are able to marry century-old knowledge and new trends. BioChicco (‘biobean’) is a perfect example, made
from beans with organic certification.
This is an extremely innovative product on the Italian market, which Moka Jenne
released at the beginning of the 2000s and is ideal for businesses that would like to stand out.
Atmosfera, on the other hand, is a line for coffee-lovers who want high quality coffee
at home. Thanks to special packaging, in an inert atmosphere, boasting a special
freshness valve, the blend is able to maintain the fragrance released when being
ground for far longer; a fragrance like that of coffee bought in old food stores.
There is a wide choice for those looking for single servings. The MyClub1878 is
a line comprising seven different products and a coffee machine, Mia, specially
designed to get the best result in the cup. Furthermore, to complete the single-serving range, there is a series of compatible capsules, offering the best blends in the most popular formats on the market.









Una miscela di caffè provenienti da selezioni biologiche certificate.
Un espresso unico, negli aromi enei sapori, che rispetta metodi di produzione naturali.
Biochicco è il caffè da agricoltura biologica certificata che unisce gusto e naturalità. Niente pesticidi né fertilizzanti chimici, per riscoprire un caffè coltivato con metodi antichi. Gli organi internazionali di controllo seguono le fasi di crescita e raccolta ed inoltre garantiscono i vari lotti di prodotto. Il certificato segue la marca fino
al luogo di lavorazione.
A coffee blend made from beans with organic certification.
A unique espresso, in aroma and flavour, which respects natural production methods. Biochicco (‘biobean’) is a coffee produced through certified organic farming, bringing together nature and flavour.

No chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used in its production, making this a real rediscovery of coffee produced with ancient methods. International monitoring
bodies follow the phases of growth and harvesting, and vouch for each production lot. The certification applies to the brand all the way to where the coffee is processed.