Le Perlé Sparkling

We have excellent french fruits sparkling win with lovely test of

Red currant Perlé: 


Is slightly dry, supple, and delicate, with tiny bubbles, a lasting flavor of red currant and a lovely ruby color.

Raspberry Perlé: 

Is distinguished by its superb scent of red fruits and immediate fruitiness of raspberry coulis in the mouth. Its color varies between ruby, pink and orange.

Black Cherry Perlé: 

Its color is ruby purple, with a nose of cherry. In mouth, more structure and more complexity, you taste the black cherry flavor, the cherry stones and black fruit.

This 3 lovely test of Le Perle sparkling wine is one of the kind from France for all wine lovers from our good producer in France

This selection of wines are perfect for Hotels bar & restaurants, restaurants, special shoppes, wine bar, Pub, Events & conferences,

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