Italian LaVal beers

Craft beer, unpasteurized 100% Vegan, Produced with high quality ingredients

A good, genuine beer, Eco-sustainable.

Birrificio Valsusa is a cooperative company which is the result of the challenge undertaken by the five founding partners back in 2014.
The idea is to create artisan beers to suit different tastes and styles, maintaining the eco-sustainability of the production process, reducing energy consumption and therefore the environmental impact, while using the greatest number of local no-miles ingredients.

Above all, we see beer as a passion, and in creating “Laval Beer” the watchword is always Quality.
The LaVal beer is entirely produced with the water and the sun of the Susa Valley.
Our commitment doesn’t end with the use of clean energy to power the lines of the brewery in Avigliana. It also extends to energy savings, the improvement of efficiency and the lowest possible environmental impact.
Using renewable solar energy means conveying continuity to that natural process that begins with the ripening of the ingredients that we use and ends, we hope after drinking a good beer, with the recycling of the glass bottles.

Our philosophy

The unpasteurized artisan beer is a fresh, genuine product with 4 basic ingredients of 100% of natural origin: water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Certainly, not being pasteurized, it needs more attention than the industrial product – particularly as regards its preservation. When you taste a craft beer you find all the fragrance of its ingredients and as for the fresh fruit and vegetables serves some little extra attention.

Non-pasteurised craft beer is a fresh, genuine product with four basic ingredients which are 100% natural: water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Of course, since it isn’t pasteurised, it requires more attention than the industrial product – particularly with regard to its conservation. When you taste a craft beer, you find all the fragrance of its ingredients and, just like with fresh fruit and vegetables, a little extra attention is required. Our beers are 100% vegetable (vegan-friendly) and are absolutely artisan, made with only the finest ingredients and with no additives of animal origin. Even our bubbles are completely natural! Laval beers all undergo second fermentation in the bottle – a bit like champagne, and the bubbles are the natural product of this re-fermentation of the yeasts, with no addition of CO2. LaVal beers are not pasteurised (why “kill” those good yeasts which make such an important contribution to the perfect success of the operation?): some people call them “raw beers”, other call them “live beers”, but for us they’re just quality and taste without compromise.