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The Workshop

At the beginning of our journey in apiculture, we never expected that, during the years that followed, this endeavor would become our sole thought and only concern. As we delved into it, the remarkable society of the bees intrigued and delighted us deeply. Bonding with the bees, through time, made us admire their society more and more.

In 2019, we decided to officialise our occupation with beekeeping, after years of effort put into this undertaking, thus founding our apiculture unit, named “Pavliani’s Honey Workshop”. All of our facilities, from the beehives to the shop, are located in Nea Pavliani, Phthiotis, Greece. The village is located at an altitude of 950m and is surrounded by fir trees.

We believe that along with the beekeeping itself, and the products of top quality and purity that we produce, comes our contribution to the area, both in terms of local community and as an environmental haven.

The Facilities

The beehives, the honey workshop, the packaging station and the shop are situated in Nea Pavliani, in Phthiotis, at an altitude of 950m. Our beehives are located within a radius of 3 kilometres around Pavliani, at an altitude of 700m to 1,500m. Our apiculture unit, named “Pavlianis” lies in Nea Pavliani, a small village, on a mountainous part of Phthiotis, on the margins of the Mount Oeta National Park, at 1,050m of elevation.
All of our activities are conducted within a pristine environment surrounded by lush vegetation, away from human intervention. Our love for the bees and nature, as well as our respect for our work and our customers are the motivation behind producing, packaging and selling natural products of the highest quality.

The Products

Pavlianis Honey

All natural and straight from the hive, collected with traditional honey harvesting methods, without any heating or filtering, we offer you our variety of “Pavlianis” honeys.

Product list

Pavlianis Choco Honey

The healthiest chocolate temptation. Ideal for athletes, students, young children and people who are on a special diet.

Pavlianis Traditional Pasteli

A snack in the form of a honey and sesame bar, with great nutritional value, great for any time of the day. It has no added sugar, making for a perfect choice for people who avoid sugar but want to delight in a healthy and energizing marriage of honey and sesame.


Beemix is a peerless apiculture food supplement for people of every age. It is a mixture of oak honey, pollen collected from multiple pollinators and royal jelly.  As a food, it is rich in minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and proteins, while it is also a potent antioxidant. It is a highly nutritious, tasty and energising product, for a balanced, healthy diet.