BONPLET, frozen premium mini-desserts

About the company

Our company specialises in the production of upmarket desserts. All of our desserts are manufactured at our 700sq.metre production unit in northern France, where we operate in strict compliance with hygiene standards HACCP procedures. Continuing the great tradition of French gastronomy is important to us and this drives us to strive for excellence in terms of flavour and up-to-date presentations.

We use onle the finest ingredients; be it our fromage frais and crème fraîche from Normandy, our coca from Peru, or our vanilla from Madagascar, all are selected for their quality and flavour.

We also produce our own chocolate, wich gives us the freedom to concoct deliciously rich and exquisite chocolate creation.

Our range of mini desserts, with their deluxe appearance and wonderful richness of flavour, will be a true success at any function, cocktail reception, ceremony or event and use of the best manufacturing equipements is the secret of our success.

Savoir-faire & créations

We seek to honour our illustrious predecessors in the field of French gastronomy by remaining true to the great tradition of French cuisine. Above all, we strive for excellence in terms of flavour and presentation.

We are also committed to ensuring proper product conservation to ensure that all of the flavours and visual features of our desserts are preserved up to serving.

Chocolate mousse with 23-carat gold sprinkles