Lise Baccara

Between Tradition & Innovation

The House of Lise Baccara, founded in 1988 by Gérard Paignon, is rooted in the Cognac vineyard at Pons in Charente-Maritime. This particular location at the heart of the famous medieval city, just a few meters from the Pilgrims Hospital site listed at the UNESCO world heritage, grants Lise Baccara’s products an unique terroir and cachet

We have one of the best french Cognac products directly from producers

  • 30 years Cognac
  • 20 years Cognac
  • 10 years Cognac
  • Under 10 years Cognac
  • Cognac cocktails

COGNAC XO 20 ANS D’AGE,  An unique sensorial experiences

Our 20 years old XO (EXTRA OLD) COGNAC, fruit of the sun, and LISE BACCARA’S TERROIR and SAVOIR-FAIRE is a blend of the finest spirits selected from our oldest stock aged in genuine oak barrels.
Our 20 years old LISE BACCARA XO COGNAC was twice awarded: THE GOLD MEDAL at the SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION in 2010, and the SILVER MEDAL in HONG KONG in 2014.