This is one of the finest niche liquors you will test from France

OUR CRÈME DE CASSIS is accompanied in our collection of fruit liqueurs by a

The crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) is a fresh and natural product without added colors or preservatives. The Crème de Cassis LANGLOISE is reputed for is purity, its unequaled perfume, and its rich fruit content: 800 grams of fruit per liter.

THE CULTIVATION OF THE FRUIT: The cultivation of our cassis takes place exclusively on our estate, and the cassis itself comes from an ancient variety traditionally used in Burgundy for the production of fruit liqueurs: le Noir de Bourgogne. This variety produces small, very firm fruits with a tremendously rich aroma.
Instead of planting the cassis bushes as a traditional ground cover, we plant ours as stalks, which permits us to obtain a shrub at a height high enough to fully mature the berries. The day of the harvest, the berries are frozen to avoid any fermentation and above all to promote the bursting of cells, which releases the optimal aromatic effects of the cassis fruits.