About IBNTS business networks

IBNTS is first and foremost a Global Foods & Beverages specialist to provide directly the best products from our producers with service you need, to ensure you get the best out of each products you chose for you and your Business/guests.

From traditional espresso machines and bulk brew coffee systems, through to coffee capsule/pods/beans systems and ingredients for hotel bedrooms and business conference rooms, you can be assured that service, quality and value are our focus for your business.

At IBNTS we work closely with our customers as our business partner to ensure that the enjoyable test exceeds their customers’ expectations, leaving them to concentrate on their core business.
From the initial sales consultation and equipment installation through to continuous quality monitoring and training, we do whatever possible to deliver service and quality rather than just talk about it!

* Hotels & hotels restaurant’s / coffee & bars

* Restaurants & Gourmet

* Coffee shoppes, Pub’s,

* Special shoppes and delikatesse shops
* Premium shops, High street shops

* Airports lounge & Airlines

* Events & Conferences

* Business offices

* Catering

* Retails & supermarkets

And many different businesses in the every markets we are working closely in national wide and international.