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(Importer, exporter, wholesale, supplier trade company)

IBNTS one stop wholesale shop for selections of different kinds of foods specialties & beverages specialties, also non foods for many different types of businesses like hotels groups, restaurants groups, foods takeaways, Premium shops, supermarkets/retailers, Special shops, coffee shops, Pubs, night clubs and other importers, distributors, wholesaler suppliers in London, greater London national wide UK and world wide.

IBNTS is here to provide you with selections of beautiful, delicious an excellent range of high quality enjoyable test of foods and beverages directly from farmers, producers, factories to hand of our business partners,

We also have selections of best cosmetics, & skin care, personal care for both men and female.

IBNTS is a company founded with the aim to bring together superior products from different farms and producers from Italy, England, Ecuador, France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Colombia, Portugal, Belgium, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, and many more countries that are market in one place in our company IBNTS as one Stop wholesale,
buy with typical highest quality products of Excellencies, therefore as synonymous with exclusivity of foods and beverages, also non foods products.

Not surprisingly our company mission is to spread the foods and beverages like wine culture, cognac culture, coffee culture with unique and inimitable for its authenticity from Countries with food culture.

By engaging the wider public in a cultural foods and wines in which they are provided with the information concerning the characteristics, origin and certification of the products,

Only in this way consumers acquire the right knowledge of food quality and assurance England, France, Italian, Spain and any other countries origin.

Best regards
International Business & Trading Solutions IBNTS