What we have in IBNTS

  • Niche foods & beverages products
  • Organic foods & beverages products
  • Traditional foods & beverages products
  • Natural foods & beverages products
From different producers in each countries with best quality.

What we do ?
We in IBNTS supplies big range of finest selections of beverages & foods products in both Organic and non organic products and non-food products to business networks.

Our products: We provide exceptional tasting of:

  • Italian Coffee
  • Italian geleto / Ice creams
  • Italian Sparkling Wines
  • Italian Red wines selections
  • Italian White wines selections
  • Italian Rose
  • Italian Beers selections
  • Italian liquors selections
  • Italian Gin
  • Italian brandy
  • Italian Original Dried pasta & fresh pasta
  • Italian hard cheese
  • Italian soft cheese
  • Italian butter
  • Italian Olive oil
  • Italian salami
  • Italian finest Balsamic vinegar’s
  • Italian Biscuits & Cookies
  • Italian Chocolates
  • Italian fresh season fruits
  • Italian fresh season vegetables
  • Italian frozen foods
  • Italian Jam and marmelades
  • French Cognac
  • French Cognac cocktails
  • French Cognac spray foods
  • French brandy
  • Franch  Sparkling wines
  • French Red wines
  • French White wines
  • French Rose wines
  • French Champagne
  • French Natural honey
  • French frozen Deseret
  • French cheese
  • French coffee
  • French meets products
  • French fresh fruits
  • French chocolate
  • French Cider
  • French cakes
  • English coffee
  • English Tea
  • English beer
  • English susages
  • English cheese
  • English soft drinks
  • English cheese cakes
  • English Cider
  • Spanish coffee
  • Spanish salami
  • Spanish cheese
  • Spanish Olive oil
  • Spanish Sparkling wines,
  • Spanish Red wines,
  • Spanish White wines,
  • Spanish Rose wines
  • Spanish fresh fruits
  • Spanish fresh vegetables
  • Spanish liquors selections
  • Spanish honey
  • Spanish Cosmetics
  • Spanish meets
  • Spanish chocolates
  • Spanish snakes
  • Spanish seafood’s
  • Greece Red wines, White wines, Rose wines
  • Greece olive oil
  • Greece olives
  • Greece natural tea
  • Greece Honey
  • Greece frozen foods
  • Greece suseuges and meets products
  • Greece cheese
  • Greece natural sea salt
  • Greece spirits
  • Portugal natural Wild Chestnut Honey
  • Portugal frozen breeds
  • Portugal frozen pastry
  • Portugal wines
  • Irland frozen chickens
  • Ireland frozen turkey
  • Irland breakfast dairy
  • Japanese green tea
  • Japanese tea cups
  • Japanese green tea tools
  • Japanese awamori (Sake)
  • German beers
  • German Soft drink
  • German Honey
  • Switzerland Marmalade
  • Switzerland hands made Biscuits and cookies
  • Switzerland local fruits liquors
  • Switzerland herbs energy drink
  • Switzerland Cosmetics
  • Switzerland cheese
  • Belgium chocolates
  • Belgium liquors
  • Belgium Honeys
  • Holland frozen pastry desserts
  • Holland chocolates
  • Holland cheese
  • Danish beers
  • Finland frozen pastry
  • Austrian red wines
  • Austria White wines
  • Swedish healthy snakes
  • Swedish cheese cakes
  • South Korea beers
  • South Korea soft drinks
  • Mexican Tequila
  • Mexican coffee
  • Mexican honey
  • Brazilian white suger
  • Brazilian brune suger
  • Brazilian liquors
  • Brazilian sparklin wine
  • Ecuadorian fine organic chocolates bars
  • Colombian cocoa beans and cocoa mass
  • Colombian fresh lim
  • Uruguay caw meets
  • International honey
  • Olives products from different countries
  • Sunflower oil from different countries for cooking

We have many more foods & beverages products directly from our producers

Our raw products 

  • Fresh Cocoa beans from Colombia, Ecuador,
  • Cocoa mass from South America,
  • IBNTS official represent of cocoa in whole European countries and other countries

Fresh peanuts from Africa

Our Cosmetics and body cares from

  • Switzerland Cosmetics and body care
  • French Cosmetics and body care

Coffee machines, Italian coffee machines for all kind of needs

We have best selection of coffee machines from different producers specially from our Italian coffee machines factories for our business lines to chose the best after what they needs for

  • Hotels rooms
  • Hotel business center
  • Hotel coffee lobby room
  • Coffee shoppes
  • Restaurants
  • Companies conference room
  • Airport lounge

Our machinery’s

  • Machines for clean water
  • Machines for produce beers
  • Machines for produce wines
  • Machines for produce juice and other soft drinks

Non foods includes

  • Health cares,
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothes
  • Shoes

England: Our English Tea products are the best from English brands

English Eary Grey Tea




France: Our French selection products are the best from France productions.

red wine 1

Italy: We have selection of the best Italian products

coffee beans




Greece: We have best selection quality products

A bottle of olive oil with two olives and spices on white background




Spain: Our Spanish selection is from the best side of Spain.

Germany: We have many good German products

Sweden: We bring Swedish quality as snakes, cheese cakes

Switzerland: Best quality products from Switzerland as Marmelades, Natural energy drinks, Hands made cookies